3 Questions to Ask a Wildlife Removal Company Before You Hire Them

August 11th, 2021

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When you hire a wildlife removal company, you want to make sure they are not only removing the wildlife from your property but also ensuring that it doesn’t return.

Here are the questions you should ask before you hire a wildlife removal company to make sure they will get the job done right.

1. What Services Do You Offer?

All wildlife removal companies do not offer the same services. Make sure the professionals you hire are well-versed in the removal of the wildlife you are dealing with. Here are a few additional questions you may want to ask the wildlife removal company during your inspection:

  1. How will you remove the wildlife from my property if it is alive? What if it is deceased?
  2. Are there points of entry that can be removed to prevent future problems? Where are those entries and how do you plan on removing them?
  3. Is the area contaminated from the wildlife coming in/near my home (ex. biohazardous waste)? If so, how do you plan on decontaminating the area?

2. Will The Wildlife Be Removed Humanely?

Did you know all wildlife in Florida is protected by anti-cruelty laws? Ask the wildlife removal company you are interested in about their practices for removing wildlife to make sure they are humane. Live traps can be used to capture animals so that they can be safely relocated to a habitat where they won’t be a nuisance to you or other homeowners.

3. What Certifications and Qualifications Does Your Company Have?

It’s important that the wildlife removal company you choose not only says they are qualified to perform wildlife removal but also that they can prove it.

If the wildlife removal company says they specialize in removing a certain type of wildlife that you think you have identified as a problem in or around your property, they should have certifications or licensures for that specialty.

A great example would be a specialty NWCOA badge on the company’s website. The National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) provides training and resources to wildlife removal companies to ensure competency, service, and integrity in the wildlife damage management industry.

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