3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wildlife Removal Company

October 28th, 2022

professional wildlife removal

If you’re deciding between DIY wildlife removal vs professional wildlife removal, we strongly suggest leaving it to the pros. Here’s three major reasons why:

You Might Not Realize the Extent Of The Issue

It’s not unusual for Tampa and St. Pete’s wildlife management company, Alford Wildlife and Pest Management, to meet with a client who thinks they have a “small” nuisance animal situation— only to realize the issue is much larger than a homeowner or business owner may have originally thought. Professional wildlife removal specialists know what to look for and just because they find one nuisance animal on the property— doesn’t deter them from looking further. While you may find one animal, get rid of it, and think the job is done, this unfortunately isn’t usually the case. A wildlife removal specialist will be able to ensure your home is indeed entirely pest and wildlife free.

Wildlife Is Dangerous

You may think you can just scoop up a cute and cuddly critter from your house and escort it to a new home but unfortunately, those “cute and cuddly” critters are rarely on board with their evictions. Removing wildlife from your property on your own can result in scratches, bites, or contact with disease through touch that could be life threatening. Even if you happen to trap wildlife effectively on your own property, the cleanup process can also bring with it significant danger. Many animals carry a variety of dangerous diseases in their feces or may have fleas, ticks, or other insects in their fur that are left behind on your property even after the critter’s removal. That’s why a big part of Alford Wildlife and Pest Management’s job is to thoroughly clean the spaces where wildlife is removed. It keeps you and your family out of harm’s way!

Florida Has Complicated Regulations on Wildlife Removal

Think you can just trap any creature that’s a nuisance on your property? Not so fast! There are a variety of laws on the books about wildlife removal in Florida that you might not be aware of but your local wildlife removal company will be. For example, did you know homeowners aren’t allowed to remove crows, seagulls, or woodpeckers from their property on their own? If you aren’t sure if the nuisance wildlife on your property is protected or would like more information about how to deter them from your property— call your local Tampa or St. Petersburg wildlife removal company, Alford Wildlife and Pest Management, or contact the Southwest FWC Regional Office directly to speak with a biologist at 863-648-3200.

Now you know the three main reasons to hire a professional wildlife removal company instead of attempting DIY wildlife removal, it’s time to call Alford Wildlife and Pest Management to schedule your free inspection! You can schedule an appointment online or by giving us a call at 239-491-7592.

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