3 Types of Rats in Florida & How to Remove Rats

November 16th, 2020

Brown Rat

Florida is home to a variety of rats especially Palm rats, Wood rats, and Norway rats. They easily become a problem for many homeowners as they reproduce quickly and chew on cables, your pet’s food, and other things that could affect your everyday life.

If you are currently facing rat infestation, you should search for rat removal services as soon as possible since these animals also carry viruses that could transmit to humans and pets.

Types of Rats in Florida

1. Palm Rats

These are the most common types of rats, also known as roof rats. They receive this name because of their ability to climb and live in palm trees. Palm rats are one of the most present rats in Florida due to the state’s warm climate.

You can identify them as they have darker skin but a lighter underbelly. They are not bigger than 12 to 14 inches.

Like other rats, they chew through wirings in your home and will spoil your garden in search of food. They will often present damage to your home’s roof too by digging holes to get entry access.

2. Wood Rats

Wood rats are not as common in Florida as Palm rats or Norway rats, but they are still seen in the northern parts of the state. These can grow as long as seven inches and have the look of hamsters.

Wood rats become a nuisance as they eat your food and leave droppings that can expose you to diseases. They tend to steal some lightweight, smaller items from your home as well, which is why they are also called Pack Rats.

3. Norway Rats

Unlike other types of rats, these rats spend most time of their lives outside instead of entering your home. You may often find them hiding in your garden and lawn. If you see physical damage in your garden, such as holes and uneven surfaces, it could likely be a Norway rat.

Even though they usually live in sewers and the streets, they will still enter homes when they have scarce food sources outside. These rats can also transmit some pathogens that can cause serious diseases.

How to Remove Rats

No matter what type of rat you are dealing with, the first thing you need to do is hire professional rat removal services. We have covered on one of our blogs why you should not do DIY rat removal work. It often leads to a temporary solution.

A professional ensures to get the job done accurately in the first attempt. Moreover, hiring an expert means that you don’t have to worry about getting exposed to any diseases and you won’t have to dispose of them afterward.

In our blog, “How Rat Removal services Work” we cover in detail the process professionals follow for rat removal from the initial inspection to the final cleanup.

Have A Rat Problem?

If you have identified the common signs of rat infestation, call us today! We have certified rat removal experts that can eliminate rats on your property and block their point of entry. The sooner you take action the less damage you will experience.

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