5 Questions to Ask Your Pest Control Provider

January 13th, 2016

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If you are someone who gets bugged (pun intended) when you see a creepy crawly shamelessly waltz through your abode, then you are probably already halfway through the yellow pages looking for the finest service provider in the pest control industry in your area.

However, there are a number of services out there and it can take forever to assess and judge which one is the most effective of them all. You know that by the time you are done with your homework, more of the pests will have moved into your home. The bugs clearly think by now that they are in the house of someone who isn’t bothered by them at all. Show them you are!

Here are 5 questions that you should ask a pest control provider.

#1: Are They Licensed?

Pest control services and reputable firms that offer this are all required to be licensed. If they fail the standard test of compliance, then they do not receive the license, in which case you would do well to move on – this is not what you are looking for. Many pest control management procedures require spraying chemicals around. Do not put yourself in a situation where this backfires.

#2: What Sort of Training Does The Pest Control Manager Have?

All of the experts that work in the field of pest control management undergo proper training. This involves knowing what is needed to remove different kinds of pests, as well as how to proceed with the method in the safest way possible, for both the inhabitants of the house as well as the environment (some services advertise ecologically friendly methods and products are used; keep an eye out).

#3: What are the Guarantees?

Ask the company if they offer a guarantee. If they say they do, inquire what exactly it entails. For instance, you will discover that certain pest control services offer free additional services if you happen to see pests after their first round of spraying the place. This is a critical question; don’t let yourself be led astray by loopholes. Understand exactly what a company is offering.

#4: What is Their Pricing Structure?

A good pest control service provider will always consult with you on the exact details about the pest situation in your residence. Once you know that they know what you will be requiring and all the areas you want them to cover, ask them about the price. This way, you won’t be in for any surprises after the job is done and you find out that they were not aware of a certain area in the house or of the extent of the pest problem.

Once you are done with this, narrow down your shortlisted services further according to your budget.

#5: Do They Have References, Reviews, or Testimonials?

All reputable companies have these. If you want the job to be done by a pro and one whom you don’t have to call again and again in case the pest infestation recurs even after the clean-up, ask for some references and go through them to be able to choose the most suitable service.

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