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Peggy RandallPeggy Randall
00:05 11 Jun 22
James, my technician, has performed stellar work in keeping my Fort Myers home pest and insect free. He is very dependable and thorough. My contract with Alford Wildlife and Pest Control is reasonably priced and, I believe, well worth the cost. As a long-standing customer, I highly recommend them. They are very accommodating people with whom to work!
Corinne MalloyCorinne Malloy
15:19 10 Jun 22
We thought we had a cat dead under our house the empathy that Cynthia showed to me was remarkable and undeniably deeply appreciated I will definitely use this company in the future they're wonderful human beings!
Jeannine CoonsJeannine Coons
13:18 11 May 22
They were so professional and absolutely did everything they could to help me transport an injured raccoon to the emergency vet. Everyone I worked with was compassionate, professional and they literally helped me save a life.
Denise McGrathDenise McGrath
14:58 11 Mar 22
Alford was hired by our condo association to deal with palm rats. They did an excellent job and successfully rid the pests from our attics. Pedro was responsive and very thorough in explaining the procedure to us. After the inspections were completed our attic needed to be sanitized and the insulation replaced. Unfortunately our condo association hired another company to do the insulation which did not turn out well. We asked Pedro to inspect our attic and he found that the other company only installed half the amount of insulation needed. Again Pedro was very professional and explained what needed to be done. Our condo board re-hired Alford to correct the issue. Our attic was sanitized and the proper amount of insulation was installed by Brandon and James who did an excellent job. Brandon explained in detail the procedure, showed us pictures of before and after and cleaned up after he was done. We highly recommend the Alford team to do the job correctly and professionally. We were completely satisfied.
connie chichesterconnie chichester
20:24 14 Jan 22
"Awesome Job & people (Shannon & Brandon)! ❤ Professional, kind, good, creative, great clean-up, super value & above beyond service. 5 🌟
Linda WhitrightLinda Whitright
18:53 06 Jan 22
Cynthia the office Manager has gone out of her way to get someone out ASAP to gets our problems resolved. She sent Pedro who was very professional and knowledgeable and tracked down the problem we were having. I appreciated both of them for their dedication to providing excellent service.
Gary RichardsonGary Richardson
15:29 23 Dec 21
The bat colony in our attic is gone and they can't get back in! Yeah! Shannon is terrific. Great attention to detail and conscientious.
Susan SoucySusan Soucy
19:29 23 Nov 21
Hector did a great job putting fencing around our manufactured home & explained what we needed. Very polite & thorough.
Jayne HaydenJayne Hayden
14:57 19 Oct 21
I would definitely recommend Alford Wildlife & Pest Management. Hector was great. He came at 9:00 at night and did his “bee thing”. Everyone I spoke with was understanding and very helpful. Cynthia, Pedro, Chris and Hector…thank you all so much! Jayne Hayden
Moises CaraballoMoises Caraballo
16:15 07 May 21
Initial call to Alford was good. They reached back out to me quickly. Michael came out to inspect attic for possible racoon in the attic. He also did an inspection on the roof, roof vents etc. Offered to block openings like the roof vents etc. and repair a hole in one of the AC ducts but very expensive quote. I did not know he was going on the roof and did it without my permission. They set up a traps to see if they could catch the racoon but no luck. They did catch 2 rats though. I had to stay on top of them to check the traps and only then did communication with the techs improve.
Jason SvadebsJason Svadebs
00:18 11 Nov 20
Truly a pleasure to work with!!
Winston ChurchWinston Church
23:02 05 May 20
Awesome company with great employees!, they are the best !!
Bob HamlinBob Hamlin
13:58 09 Apr 20
Patricia AllenPatricia Allen
19:48 03 Mar 20
We have a rodent infestation. We hired Alford early December 2019 and was given a proposal to trap the rodents, do an exclusion to seal all around our home of the areas where rodents are entering, then follow up as needed. The traps were set, and two weeks later we were told the exclusion process needed to begin, however, we still needed to replace some AC duct that was damaged by the rodents. We were rushed, a lot of AC companies were backlogged, but we found an outfit who did replace the duct quickly but pricey. Again, we were rushed by Alford to get the areas sealed. We even questioned Alford about moving too fast and they disagreed. But we followed their direction. After the exclusion was completed, we still heard rodents in the walls. Called Alford's they came out and reset traps. After 6 more weeks of going back and forth, we were given this excuse and that, even making us believe that we were just imagining what we heard?? We also have a dog too that has been going nuts this whole time. So I guess the dog was imagining too. On Alford's last visit, and for the first time, one of the techs actually came into our house, checked the floor registers, and discovered rodent droppings which he collected to take back to this boss. Also, for the first time, the tech actually placed traps in the registers and told us he would be back within a few days. Five days later he has never called back, never returned to check the traps and we finally said we had enough. We hired another company who has done a lot more than Alford's ever did and found more activity and has taken more aggressive action. We are finally FREE from those critters! Bottom line, Alford's feeds you a line of BS, charges you hundreds of dollars and does not honor their warranty. Their laborers did do a nice job on the screening process but upper management gives you way too many lines of BS. Tip: Make sure they come into your home and check the registers and make sure you see the evidence. Otherwise, you never know when they come to your house, they check traps and do not report their findings to you. Then you have to take their word which is questionable. BE LEARY!
Rico TesioRico Tesio
13:40 30 May 19
Great company. Every tech is responsive and polite. Highly recommend.
Beth CantonBeth Canton
16:42 20 May 18
Thank you for not giving up on us, James. You stuck it out with us and solved our pest problem when the other company couldn't. I can't tell you how grateful we are for your service! Beth C. in Fort Myers
Kevin YeagerKevin Yeager
12:39 27 Apr 18
Awesome experience! James came by last Friday to treat my lawn and pest control service. He showed up on time, asked me a lot questions, and treated my whole house and yard. They also have organic pest control, get rid of critters (rats, bats, snakes, etc) and are a Veteran Owned Business! I am so very pleased with their service!
megan cammaratamegan cammarata
19:04 24 Oct 17
We had those terrible ghost ants in our kitchen at our house in the Cape that we could never get rid of. We had tried everything over the years, but nothing ever worked!! We had James come over and treat the whole house, inside and out... and it was all pet friendly pesticides because we have fur babies that we love dearly!! And within almost a day, 2 days top all those ants were completely gone!!! Along with the other outside spiders and occasional garage cockroaches as well. We have been pest free since he came out which was a couple of months ago. Thanks James for your stellar service!!! We highly recommend you guys and will definitely use you again if and when we need your services!!! Keep up the great work!!!
marcy aizenshtatmarcy aizenshtat
18:48 14 Apr 17
Alfred dWildlife seas the only positive response after calling most of the areas wildlife management companies. He came out was gentle to the animal and charged very fairly. I would not only recommend them, buthave their number posted for any future critter event. I am a long time resident of Naples. These 5 stars are well earned!
Jeffery CooperJeffery Cooper
09:37 23 Mar 17
I have nothing but great things to say about this company. They have been a huge help to me with a vacation rental. Living out of state, it is comforting to know that any needs I have they will be there. Michael and James are both great to work with....they are trustworthy, they always have prompt service, and always return my calls. Great company!
Sandy PragerSandy Prager
13:36 21 Dec 16
Great business. Did a great job, too. I had no problem contracting for the year. It's always lucky to find an honest business with integrity and skills at what they do!
L CollinsL Collins
20:25 29 Jun 16
Called Michael Alford re a critter in the attic. He came out immediately and answered all my questions. Set/monitored traps and blocked all possible entry points within a timely manner. Very professional would highly recommend Michael Alford.L Collins - Fort Myers

Alford Wildlife and Pest Management St. Petersburg

Karen Varga-SinkaKaren Varga-Sinka
21:36 25 Apr 22
I found myself in a bit of a pickle with a curious opossum and Shannon with Alford quickly returned by frantic phone call and rearranged her day to help me. She was responsive, quick and super friendly which you never get anymore. I would recommend her or Alford to anyone and will be hiring them for my routine pest control, too!
connie chichesterconnie chichester
20:14 14 Jan 22
"Awesome Job & people (Shannon & Brandon)! ❤ Professional, kind, good, creative, great clean-up, super value & above beyond service. 5 🌟
Really good job, on everything they performed. Price little bit high.
Susan BakerSusan Baker
17:42 13 Oct 21
I called Alford Wildlife for a few wildlife issues. Alex came out and did a wonderful job, they removed a massive beehive from under my mobile home and then excluded the perimeter of my home to protect against rats getting under the mobile home. They caught the pesky rodents and did an excellent job communicating with me and making me feel safe and comfortable. I am so glad to have my home back and I would highly recommend them to anybody for any pest or wildlife issues!
Chrystal KarrChrystal Karr
17:41 31 Jul 21
I happen to find 3 little chicks in my pool .I put them in the bathtub and did not know what to do with them their mother was no.where to be found. I called Alford wildlife pest management, i spoke with cynthia and she had Alex contact me within minutes. After speaking with Alex we set up arrangements for him to come and pick up these little ducklings That I had named duck ,duck ,goose. Alex was very professional and took Doug and Chuck duck duck and goose away to a place where they will be taken care of and taught how to fend for themselves . Thank you Alex and Cynthia For your services.Sincerely Chrystal
Lorraine WallsLorraine Walls
19:17 15 Apr 21
Alex coordinated with the roofer to get big of a huge bee colony under roof tile. Colony had been there for years and caused a lot of damage. About 45 LBS of honey was removed. Very patient with the other company and both worked very well together. Professional and polite. Alex turned a bad situation into one that was pleasant.
Jessica SoutulloJessica Soutullo
19:50 13 Jan 21
Very pleased with this company! Alexander communicated wonderfully, very kind and courteous. They took care of our rodent problem very easily and also insulated our attic. Highly recommend!! What I loved the most is they did there job, I did not need to contact them or go behind them for anything.
Charzette HarrisCharzette Harris
19:24 02 Dec 20
Alex and Matt were very professional and knowledgeable. They made my experience stress-free with dealing with squirrels in my attic. Throughout the 3week process, Alex kept in contact with my family to ensure the progress was going smoothly and to answer any questions we had. I highly recommend their office if anyone ever have this issue at their home or business.
  • Brandon is a very good worker. Would refer him to anyone. 5 stars.

    Mark B.

  • Caught the armadillo first day. Big shout out to your company and employee, James Pruitt. He is an excellent representative for your company.


  • Michael did a wonderful job. He stood behind his work and came back at no additional charge when woodpeckers continued to try to nest in our attic.

    Phil Mergener

  • Knowledgeable, fair, and very responsive.

    Dan Hall

  • Excellent service. Would highly recommend!

  • We had a swarm of bees entering our office building around a window frame. James was very thorough examining the problem. He explained what he did, what we should expect for a day or two, and call him if the problem continued. James called us twice to see if he needed to come back out. The bees did exactly what he said they would do and within two days they were gone. We would definitely use them again.

    Charlene Golden

  • “James is very nice and does a great job! “

    Keri Dye

  • Very competent advice, also went specifically to my special wishes. Very friendly, approaching contact. Thank you!!

    Molli K

  • I have nothing but great things to say about this company.  They have been a huge help to me with a vacation rental.  Living out of state, it is comforting to know that any needs I have they will be there.  Michael and James are both great to work with….they are trustworthy, they always have prompt service, and always return my calls.  Great company!

    Jeffery Cooper

  • I love it that I don’t see any bugs!

    Kim Heller

  • I use them for quarterly pest control, but have had them come out several times in between visits.  We are in a new construction area and have a multitude of bug and ant problems.  Alford comes out within a day or two of my call, without hesitation and treats the areas of concern.  They are always professional and responsive.  I highly recommend.

    Dianne K

  • I enjoyed the meetings and the information that I learned at them. Very helpful to me.

    Larry Coultrap

  • Responded quickly, showed up on time, and did exactly as promised.

    Lynn M

  • Great business. Did a great job, too. I had no problem contracting for the year. It’s always lucky to find an honest business with integrity and skills at what they do!

    Sandy Prager

  • Very prompt in returning phone calls and delivering services. They really take care of customers.

    Jim Knupp

  • Prompt, courteous, professional service. Best experience with pest control we have ever enjoyed.

    Debbi & John Morris

  • I was extremely impressed with the service we received with Alford Wildlife and Pest Management. Michael was very knowledgeable and professional. And took care of the rat problem we were having at a home my daughter was renting. Thank you for all you did Michael and we are so happy. We would recommend your services to anyone needing it and would most assuredly call you if we ever needed help with critters.


  • You did it! Your attentiveness, expertise, determination and perseverance over time eventually rid us of our fruit fly infestation. Thank you!

    Arline Shapiro

  • “Quick response time! Dealt with our unhappy tenant which was no small feat!”


  • Mike is knowledgeable, efficient, courteous and affordable. Not only would I recommend him, I have!

    Jeff Nickel

  • Thank you for your prompt attention! Your compassion and attention to detail on an almost daily basis during the process was a great relief. And your diligent follow up! You made a difficult …

    Nancy Bolt

  • On time and professional. Great job!

    Brad Case

  • Alford Wildlife solved a difficult bee problem for us (that another company could not solve). The hives were in a difficult to reach area of the attic, between two roofs. They diagnosed the situation correctly, and worked with the pest control company and roofer to get rid of the hives and to treat the required areas. They were persistent, and came back multiple times till the problem was solved. Michael and Paul are knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with. I would recommend them without hesitation.

    Jacob Mathew

  • Alford Wildlife did some work for me in our Florida home and we were very satisfied with the work, services and cost! If you need pest control or prevention of pest invasion, you will be glad you called Alford Wildlife and Pest Management!

    Jim Kincer

  • We are so pleased with the service that we received from your company. Your employee, Joe Runco, was very helpful during my phone inquiry and was very knowledgeable about the process for exterminating the roaches in my father’s home. He was able to schedule the first visit immediately and provided me with feedback after his inspection. He went right to work applying the first application of spray. He phoned me with an update on the situation.

    Since I live in West Virginia, I didn’t meet Joe until I arrived in Florida the following week. When I met Joe he was very professional and courteous. He was very conscientious while spraying my father’s home for roaches and was very thorough during the application. He answered all of our questions and was very task oriented.

    We are more than pleased with the service and the outcome of the service. My father’s home is so much nicer now. We would highly recommend this company to anyone!

    Mary Ellen Garton, Barrackville, WV

  • Customer service was excellent. The service provided exactly what was promised.

    Dan Davis

  • I loved the service! First I would like to say, they did what they said they would. Their service was first class and they stayed until they were sure we had no more problems. It was worth every dollar. I would recommend them very highly.

    Peter Barone

  • Thank you for going above and beyond!

    Rebecca Desantis


    Johnny Borkoski

  • Michael was wonderful to work with…very responsive and detailed in his work ensuring that all areas of the home were addressed. I would recommend this company to others in the future.

    Danielle O’Brien

  • Quality service, fair pricing, stand behind what they do.

    Scott K.

  • Service was professional, friendly, and reliable! I will definitely use Alford for any future pest management needs.


  • I loved the service! Very professional, courteous, and they explain the problems they are finding and how they are going to correct them. Excellent service. I recommend Alford Wildlife to everyone.

    Paul Zimmerman

  • Very happy with Alford! The problem was taken care of promptly. I loved that you guys were there if I needed you, it was comforting. I’m very grateful and now a loyal customer. Thank you so much!

    Lauri Langone

  • Alford Wildlife is an excellent company to hire. They were responsive and professionally handled our armadillo problem. They were very concerned about handling the wildlife humainly . Their prices were very reasonable and their wildlife management team was awesome. My wife and I can’t recommend them enough.

    Kenneth Wright

  • I loved the service! Thank you for helping when I did not know what to do!

    Pamela Dicristofalo

  • Reliable and very professional.

    Kathleen Borkoski

  • We had palm rats – Alford came right away and sealed up the house. A week later, we had them back – they missed a spot – came right away and fixed it for free.

    Phil Howard

  • I loved the service! They take care and pay attention to details and concerns of the client. Thanks!

    Kdg Teach

  • Thank you for getting the critters out of the attic!


  • They did a good job of getting rid of the palm rats.

    Robert Rippe

  • Service was very professional.

    Vicky Wilson

  • Your company did what I asked, stayed in touch, and solved my problem.


  • Very good job.


  • Highly recommend these people.


  • Alford Wildlife was experienced, professional, and always responded to our requests for help. I would highly recommend them.

    Dorothy Slovak

  • This company is very professional and thorough. From the initial inspection and treatment through the monitoring and updates, this company (especially Joe Runco) is top-notch. I would highly recommend this company to family and friends. I have even entrusted the care of my father’s home to this company and they have performed above and beyond the call of duty. Make sure that you call Joe. Tell them Mary Ellen from West Virginia sent you!!!!

    Ray Garton

  • Michael Alford was very professional, experienced and rid us of varmints.


  • We were pleased with the response timeframe and the results. Thank you Mike!

    Ava Kazalunas

  • Mike is knowledgeable, efficient, courteous and affordable. Not only would I recommend him, I have!

    Jeff Nickel

  • Very thorough, pleasant, and reasonably priced. I did recommend to several people, including my church!

    Messiah Lutheran

  • Thank you for responding so quickly to our armadillo invasion. Area and lawn treatments after trapping and removing the animals has eliminated our problem.


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