Alligators in SWFL? What You Should Do Before You Intervene

September 30th, 2016


Spotting an alligator can be a frightening experience. Watching them on television in action is scary enough, let alone having them wander into your backyard! You are sure to get the fright of your life if a full adult alligator peeks at you from behind the shrubs or is found lazing around beside the backyard pool! Southwest Florida, although beautiful, has American alligators so the chances of this happening are pretty high. Should you spot an alligator in your backyard, instead of getting scared out of your wits, you need to act wisely and know what to do before you decide to intervene in the situation.


Assess the Situation

It is very important that you carefully assess the complete situation before you decide to act. Having an alligator in your backyard is no joke, and if it is a first time experience for you, then you need to first calm down and not act rashly.

Take a few deep breaths to calm down, and then analyze the situation. Where is the alligator right now? Where did you initially spot it? Is it hidden or in full sight? Is it close to a door of the house or any other building, or is it in the middle of the yard or ground?

 Do Not Approach an Alligator

The location of the alligator is crucial. Because if the alligator feels it is cornered and you try to approach it then it is sure to retaliate. Approaching the alligator is completely out of the question unless you are a trained professional.

Make sure to inform everyone around about the alligator situation and avoid making too much noise or disturbing sounds which could anger or excite the alligator.

Ensure Safety of All

Make sure that everyone is safe and out of the reach of the four legged reptile. Alert all neighbors and make sure that everyone is indoors.

Also, do not disturb the alligator. Having the alligator out in the open within your range is infinitely better than having it prowl around and hide away in a bush and you don’t know if it might wander over to the neighbors or out onto the playground across the road!

Additionally, not knowing where the dangerous predator is hiding puts you in a vulnerable situation.

Call a Wildlife Management Company

Never ever approach or try to engage with an alligator. Your first step after ensuring the safety of all is to call a wildlife management company, which can swiftly come to your assistance.

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