Common Types of Nuisance Wildlife in Florida

October 2nd, 2020

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In Florida, wildlife plays an important part in the ecology, but it can become a nuisance to property owners. Certain animals can cause significant economic loss or even property damage if they are not removed.

In this blog, we will list the most common nuisance wildlife in Florida and why they tend to become a problem.

Common Nuisance Wildlife

1.      Raccoons

Raccoons are the most common nuisance wildlife species in Florida. These animals break into people’s homes, porches, attics, lanais, garages, and create a mess especially if there is any garbage left behind. They also are a carrier of rabies which can be transferred to you or your pets.

2.      Squirrels

Squirrels love to dig holes. If you have a garden, they can destroy your plants by digging them up. They also chew every item that comes in their way. This includes electric wires, bird feeders, wood, and the list goes on.

3.      Opossums

These wildlife animals are scavengers. They spoil pet food and garbage. In Florida, they enter attics and homes. Sometimes they die inside the walls, attics, and under the house, which creates a bad odor that can be difficult to get rid of.

4.      Palm Rats

They are also among the most common nuisance wildlife you will find in Florida. Palm rats or roof rats invade houses once they find any opening or holes and reproduce quickly. They are a nocturnal animal and they can chew up wires affecting your home electrical system. In some cases, they can even chew up the wires in your car, causing serious damage.

How to Remove Nuisance Wildlife

We do not recommend property owners to try to solve these issues themselves. It is best to contact a wildlife removal company.  There are best practices and procedures to correctly remove this nuisance wildlife and keep them out of your house permanently.

In one of our recent blogs, we addressed the dangers of DIY squirrel and other rodent removal and why it is important to contact a professional wildlife removal company.

Call a Wildlife Removal Company Today

Let the experts take care of the nuisance wildlife for you. They are more knowledgeable and will have more effective methods for removal and exclusion.

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