The Dangers of DIY Squirrel & Other Rodent Removal

September 2nd, 2020


Squirrels, and other rodents, are very common in Southwest Florida. You’ll find them near businesses, residential neighborhoods, and schools.

Most of the time, squirrels are harmless, and you may just see one or two at a time scurrying in the trees and around the bushes. However, if you are noticing that squirrels are multiplying in numbers and becoming a nuisance (either outdoors or inside of your home or business), you may want to consider removing the squirrels. But where do you start?

The first recommendation we have is to contact a local wildlife removal company that specializes in squirrel removal.

You may be tempted to take this on as a DIY project, but we highly encourage you not to – and for various reasons. Read the rest of this article to find out more.

Toxic Chemical Danger

The internet has ample information on how to do pretty much everything, including DIY rodent or squirrel removal. A quick search will show you hundreds of products you can use to bait and trap squirrels, including poison baits.

Unless you are familiar with the live animal trapping/removal industry, chances are that you do not know what is in these chemicals and how they can harm your family or pets. You could unknowingly create a concoction that will end up costing you money, time, and could be harmful to you.

Squirrel Removal Does Not Mean They Cannot Return

Consider the topic of the blog – it’s about squirrel removal. But what do you do after the squirrels are gone?

If you had squirrels living in your attic or other parts of your home, just because you removed them does not mean they will not come back. Consider their entry points. Did you seal those off?

As a professional rodent removal company working in the South Florida area, we’ve run into this more times than we can count. Removing the symptom (squirrels being in your home or attic) does not solve the issue.

A professional knows how squirrels live and as such, they can assist you in sealing off any entry points to ensure that they do not return. Squirrel removal is just the first part. Then comes the exclusion services to seal off any entry points and prevent their return. Without this, you’re likely to deal with this problem again.

Rodent Removal & Cleanup

Another part of the rodent removal process is the cleanup and decontamination. Surely this is not a task you want to take on by yourself.

If squirrels or other rodents have made their way into your home, there is likely going to be a cleanup required. Long-term exposure to squirrel or rodent droppings can make your family and pets prone to health risks. A professional squirrel removal company will be able to help you with the decontamination, ensuring that you and your family are taken care of.

Call a Professional Squirrel & Rodent Removal Company

We understand the allure of DIY squirrel and rodent removal. You probably think it’s cheaper, faster, and better in your hands. However, we’ve seen the damage that rodents and squirrels can cause when they inevitably return, so we recommend contacting a professional from the beginning.

Here at Alford Wildlife & Pest Management, we offer rodent removal services in the following areas:

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  • Collier County – North Naples, Naples, and Marco Island
  • Charlotte County – Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda
  • Sarasota County – Sarasota and North Port
  • Manatee County – Anna Maria, Bradenton, and Palmetto
  • Hillsborough County – Tampa, Plant City, and Brandon
  • Pinellas County – St. Petersburg and Clearwater
  • Pasco County – New Port Richey, Wesley Chapel, Zephyrhills, and Odessa

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