Finding Holes Dug In Your Yard? Could Be Armadillos.

June 12th, 2014

Person holding an armadillo

Dealing with Armadillos

Armadillos are a common nuisance invading Florida. The Nine Banded Armadillo originated in South America and has slowly worked its way into the Southern United States. Adapting quickly to our environment, armadillos “root” in the ground for ground-dwelling insects for meals. In the process, they will destroy well-manicured landscaping. Armadillos dig large burrows for their home. These burrows can become as large as 10 feet deep and 30 feet wide. If a burrow goes unchecked that is close to the foundation of a home or pool it can compromise the integrity of the structure. Often when an armadillo can’t find its main burrow it will create a new one. This can result in 3 or more burrows in your yard and your neighbor’s yard with one burrow being the main burrow.

When an Armadillo enters your yard, whether its to root for ground dwelling insects or to burrow a home, it leaves a scent trail behind. Armadillos mark their territory with urine, feces, and excretions from scent glands found on the eyelids, nose, and feet. These scent trails signal to other armadillos that there is food, shelter or an opposite sex armadillo nearby. People often wonder why once armadillos are removed from their property a short time later the activity comes back. These scent trails are the reason.

Trapping for armadillos can be extremely difficult for an untrained professional. There is no good “bait” you can put into your trap to call the armadillo to it. It takes the tracking and trap placement skill of a professional for the successful removal of the animals from your property.


The process for the removal of the armadillos is as follows:


Trap and remove all armadillos currently feeding or burrowing on your property

2- Deterrents

Once the armadillos associated with your property have been removed you can place a deterrent. The deterrent is placed to mask the scent trail left behind to prevent new armadillos from invading your property. It is recommended to refresh these deterrents once a month for a year. After the first year has been completed an assessment of your property will be needed to determine whether or not it will be necessary for further treatments.

Here at Alford Wildlife and Pest Management we provide these services for commercial and residential properties. We can assess your current situation and provide you with a long term solution. Left unchecked the damage done by armadillos can be detrimental to your house and property. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection.

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