Tips for Finding a Local Rat Removal Company in St. Pete

February 25th, 2021

Black Rat Eating Cheese

Rat infestation is not only a nuisance but can have harmful health effects. Rats host lethal diseases and pathogens. For instance, rats can transmit typhus and leptospirosis that can lead to food poisoning. They are also quick to reproduce, posing a bigger problem if not exterminated quickly.

Once you recognize you may have a rat problem, you should contact a rat removal company to ensure proper extermination. We never recommend DIY rat removal solutions for several reasons; we cover them on our blog Dangers of DIY Rat Removal.

Working with a rat removal company will always be your best bet. Here, we have put together several key items you should look for when working with professionals in St. Pete.  We also include some of the signs of rat infestation, so you have a better idea of what you are dealing with.

Why Work with A Professional in St. Pete.

Rats in commercial and residential spaces can cause a great amount of property damage. They contaminate food and can chew up wires, affecting your electrical systems. They are also quick to find their way back into your property if their access points are not blocked.

Therefore it is essential to work with a knowledgeable rat removal company. They will ensure efficient and safe extermination of rats and will have the right products for decontamination.

Rat Infestation Signs

Here are some of the signs that indicate potential rat infestation on your property:

Scratching Noises

Rats are agile and can easily climb and create scratching noises during the night.


Rats love to chew on everything, walls, food packaging, electric wires, and more.

Rub Marks

Rats leave smudges on hard surfaces due to dirt and grease on their bodies.

Rat Droppings

Rat droppings look like brown rice grains with spindle and tapered shape.

Rat Holes

Rats dig and create long burrow systems for nesting, food storage, and shelter.

How to Find the Best Rat Removal Company in St. Pete

Find a rat removal company that can monitor rats’ activity and knows how to use mechanical devices to trap and exterminate rats. Here are some other things to think about when looking for a professional.

  • Have they been in business for a long time? Do they have a good reputation? Are clients satisfied with their services?
  • Treatment Options. How are they treating your rat infestation? Are they only doing trapping, or are they including exclusion services and clean up?
  • License & Certification. Are they certified to do the job?
  • Follow up/Communication. Are they keeping you aware of what is going on? Can they easily explain their processes? Do they seem to keep up with your questions and concerns?

Work with Alford Wildlife

Are you having a rat infestation problem? Work with us! We are a licensed and experienced rat removal company located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our goal is to provide a complete service from trapping to exclusion to decontamination and exceed your expectations with our excellent customer service.

Our St. Pete office handles rat removal in the following cities in and around the Tampa Bay area:

  • Sarasota/Bradenton
  • New Port Richey
  • Brandon
  • Pete/Clearwater
  • Tampa
  • Wesley Chapel

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