Garden Mole & Vole Control in Southwest Florida Lawns

March 9th, 2017

Mole coming out of a hole in the ground

Garden Mole & Vole Control

Is your Southwest Florida yard overrun with garden moles and/or voles? There are a number of ways to control moles and voles in residential and commercial lawns – from lethal trapping, gassing, and poisoning. At Alford Wildlife, poisons are a last resort option only as they are the most inhumane method.

Garden moles tend to flock to Southwest Florida lawns searching for underground insects, mainly earthworms and grubs. Garden moles become a nuisance when you start to notice numerous molehills — mounds of dirt above ground. Some Southwest Florida homeowners also start to notice the formation of surface tunnels on their lawns. Garden moles are subterranean animals; they will dig a network of underground tunnels and chambers to live in. When they start digging your nice manicured lawn will quickly be destroyed.

Garden moles are constantly digging and tunneling in search for more insects. If you’re concerned about the appearance of your lawn, call a licensed wildlife removal expert to properly remove the nuisance moles to prevent further yard damage. If you don’t properly and rapidly remove the moles your Southwest Florida lawn will resemble Swiss cheese!

Homeowners constantly confuse moles with voles, also considered a subterranean pest that constructs well-defined tunnels. These two species are in fact completely unrelated; a major difference between the two pests is that voles leave no mounds behind. A vole does the majority of its scavenging above ground rather than below ground. If you start to notice significant damage to your plants, shrubs, turf, and trees you know you have a vole problem.

How to Control Garden Moles

What should you do if you have garden moles in your lawn? If your Southwest Florida yard is overrun with garden moles, you have to determine the next step for long-term mole control. An online Internet search will reveal numerous mole control methods, which we do not recommend attempting. The pages and pages of mole control methods online will simply drain you. It’s best to save your time and energy and call a licensed wildlife removal expert to handle your garden mole problem. A licensed wildlife removal expert will get the job done as quickly and humanely as possible!

How to Control Voles

What should you do if your lawn is overrun with voles? In order to be certain that you have a vole infestation, you should call a licensed wildlife removal expert. A licensed wildlife removal expert will be able to identify the pest and properly remove them from your Southwest Florida lawn.

Mole & Vole Control in Southwest Florida

Alford Wildlife & Pest Management uses various lethal traps to get the population under control. Moles and voles like to re-infest old tunnel networks, so we typically follow up trapping with a deterrent program to help keep them away in the future. Poisons are a last resort option only as they are the most inhumane method.

If you would like to remove nuisance garden moles and/or voles from you Southwest Florida lawn, contact Alford Wildlife & Pest Management today or simply call (239) 214-7928.

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