How Can Bats Get into Your Attic? FAQs about Bat Removal

August 29th, 2022


Hearing strange noises coming from the attic? The good news is this isn’t the start of a horror film. But unfortunately, you might have fallen victim to a bat infestation. So, how did these creatures make their way into your house? And how can you get them out? Let’s take a look.

How Bats Get into Your Home

Bats can squeeze through tight gaps around your roof to get inside your home. In fact, they can make their way through openings that are less than an inch wide! While you may not have noticed a small hole in your roof, a bat could have. And it doesn’t take a bat long to realize your attic is a great space to bring all their friends and family— they love spaces with stable temperatures and protection from bad weather and predators.

Removing Bats from Your Property

Now the bats have made your attic their home, how do you get them out? It’s time to call a wildlife removal specialist. DIY techniques for removing bats from your home could cause harm to both you and the bats you are trying to get rid of. While bats may be unwanted in your home, they are still an important part of the Florida ecosystem. At Alford Wildlife and Pest Management, we offer humane wildlife removal services throughout the St. Petersburg area.

Keeping Your Home Bat-Free

Once we take the necessary steps to humanely remove bats from your home and clean up any biohazardous waste left behind, it’s time to take measures to ensure the bats don’t return. The Alford Wildlife and Pest Management specialist on-site will seal up those small entry points the bats used to get in your home. Our specialists have years of experience and will be thorough in making sure they don’t miss sealing off any points of entry.

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