How Do Rats Get into My Home?

October 20th, 2021

rat coming out of pipe

Rats are not only a nuisance, but they are also destructive animals that can spread diseases harmful to us and to our pets. Here, we will briefly discuss the most common ways rats can enter a home and how you can identify them. If you live in Tampa, you will want to hire Tampa rat removal services to guarantee they are properly extracted from your property!

  1. Roof

You may be looking along the floorboards and see signs of rat droppings or gnaw marks, but look up! Could those rats be coming in through your roof? Damage or holes in the roof make an easy entry point for these little rodents. In fact, the most common type of rat in the Tampa Bay Area is known as the “roof rat” because that’s how they generally get into your home!

  1. Cracks & Gaps

Cracks or gaps the size of a quarter in your walls or around your windows are big enough for a rat to squeeze through. Make sure you check for cracks and gaps and close any that you find in your walls, doors, vents, and windows to avoid letting rats inside. You might want to check your garage for any entry points not only for rats but for other animals as well.

  1. Ductwork & Vents

Another way rats might come into your home is through ductwork and vents. Vents should have grates or louvers covering them to prevent rodents from getting in. If they’ve already made their way inside through vents and into your home’s ductwork, one of the first signs you might notice is the smell. That sign is hard to miss.

  1. Chimney

Chimneys are not as popular in Florida as in other states. The hot weather doesn’t leave much opportunity to sit by the fire while drinking hot chocolate. But in case you do have a chimney in your home, look out for noises. As the weather gets cooler, rats look for warmer areas to hide out and it becomes an entry point. A chimney grate can help deter rats from coming in this way, and overall save you the trouble of other critters getting in.

Work With Tampa Rat Removal Specialists

If you’ve already identified some of the entry points rats have been using to get into your home, call a Tampa rat removal specialist. We don’t recommend taking rat removal as a DIY project, as there are many dangers as well as extra costs associated with it.

By using a rat removal company with certified professionals, you’ll rest easy knowing the issue will be eradicated in the most effective way. The area where the rats lived will also be decontaminated to prevent bacteria and disease from spreading.

At Alford Wildlife & Pest Management, we’ll help you through every step of the process; start with a free inspection. Call us today!

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