How Professional Wildlife Removal Companies Prevent Wildlife from Returning

November 25th, 2022

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Wildlife removal was a success! But now you may be wondering how to keep those pesky creatures from returning. Here are a few invaluable steps to take to ensure your Tampa or St. Petersburg home or business wildlife free for years to come:

Removing Points of Entry

While you don’t leave your door wide open to strangers of the human variety, you might have a welcoming entrance to critters without evening knowing it. The keen-eyed wildlife removal specialists at Alford Wildlife and Pest Management are well-versed in finding entryways animals may use to get into your home— and then promptly sealing them up! These cracks and holes may be hard for you to see, or even hard to imagine an animal squeezing through, but the pros know that in order to prevent wildlife from returning to your home and business, even the smallest entry points must be removed.

Installing Deterrence Measures

If you saw a warm, comfy couch available to sit on next to the fireplace during a cold winter day— we’d understand if you went ahead and took a seat! That’s how many animals feel as they see your warm, dry home when they’re wandering by. Rather than attract them inside, there are measures wildlife removal specialists can take to make your inviting home look far less appealing to these little critters. For example, placing optical gel on your home deters birds from coming near your home. These small dishes aren’t very visible to the human eye but send signals to birds that your home is unsafe to land on.

Providing Yearly Inspections and Maintenance

Sealing your home and installing deterrence measures are great ways to protect your home or business from returning wildlife. However, they aren’t foolproof. That’s why the wildlife removal specialists at Alford Wildlife and Pest Management recommend having a yearly inspection and maintenance plan to keep your home free of critters for years to come. To learn more about Alford Wildlife and Pest Management’s yearly maintenance plans in Tampa and St. Petersburg areas, call 727-999-8547.


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