How to Get Rid of Rats in Your House Fast

April 20th, 2021

a rat eating sunflower seeds

Rats are a nuisance to deal with. From carrying several infectious diseases to destroying the insulation in your attic, these critters pose a threat to you and your property.  They are also difficult to exterminate since they reproduce quickly.

Here we briefly discuss several risks associated with them and the fastest way to get rid of rats.

Risks of Having A Rat Infestation

  • Like other pests and wild animals, rats carry several diseases. Some of these diseases are dysentery, gastroenteritis, and salmonella. They tend to spread through the consumption of food contaminated with the rat’s feces and urine.
  • Rat droppings transmit airborne diseases as well when they dry up and they mix with dust. Inhaling these may cause dangerous health effects like hemorrhagic fever and hantavirus.
  • Rats love gnawing on electrical wires, leading to damages to your electrical system. In the worst cases, they can create an electrical fire hazard. This puts at risk not only your property but also everyone in it.
  • Rats chew on walls and other materials to create access points and routes throughout your home. This involves the destruction of your insulation, which can often be expensive to replace. Moreover, this compromises your energy efficiency and can increase your monthly energy bill.
  • Their entry points can lead way for other pests and wild animals into your home.

Eliminating Rats on Your Property

There is no easy, quick fix when exterminating the rats in your home. While you can try DIY solutions, these often are temporary and don’t prevent rats from coming back. We recommend contacting an expert that is licensed and experienced in extermination, exclusion, and decontamination to best get the job done.

Rat removal experts have the expertise and tools to get rid of rats in your home as fast as possible. They know how to determine their routes to best trap them and block off their entry points. But most importantly, they have industry-grade disinfectant to best decontaminate the infected areas and avoid health risks to you and your family.

Contact a Rat Removal Expert Today

Do you have a rat infestation problem in Southwest or Central Florida? Contact Alford Wildlife and Pest Management to get rid of rats in your property as soon as possible. Our professional exterminators combine state-of-the-art tech with vast industry knowledge and skills to ensure effective removal and exclusion.

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