How to Know if Your Home Has Bed Bugs

May 22nd, 2022

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Starting to suspect you might have bed bugs in your home? Here are 4 tell-tale bed bug signs to look for.

Musty or Sweet Odor

Does something in your house smell…different? The pheromones produced by bed bugs can cause them to emit a musty or sweet odor, especially if the infestation is large. If your home smells musty or sweet, give Alford Wildlife and Pest Management a call. We can investigate the source of the smell, confirm whether bed bugs are present in your home, and provide bed bug treatment.

Skin Reactions

Itchy skin? Don’t be too quick to brush off a rash. Bedbug bites can cause allergic reactions in some people and not others. That might explain why some people in your home present with a rash and others don’t. Even if you are sleeping in the same bed— you may have completely different reactions to bedbugs. Rather than suffer through the misery, call a bed bug treatment specialist.

Dark Spots on Sheets or Mattress

Another sign of bed bugs is when dark spots start appearing on your sheets or mattress. This could be fecal matter left by bed bugs. And just cleaning your bed sheets isn’t likely to solve the problem. Alford Wildlife and Pest Management can come to your home for a free consultation to assess the extent of the bed bug infestation and provide you with bed bug treatment strategies to get rid of the problem once and for all.

Bed Bugs and Their Eggs

A telltale sign of bed bugs is seeing these little insects with your own eyes! Bed bug eggs are small and white— about 1mm long. A fully grown bedbug will be about 5 times that size and can lay about 5 eggs per day. If you see bed bugs, immediately call your Fort Myers pest management company!

Bed Bug Treatment Fort Myers

Bed bugs can spread quickly so it’s important to call a pest control company as soon as you begin to see signs of an infestation. Alford Wildlife and Pest Management offers free inspections to identify pest infestations and walk you through next steps. From there, we’ll perform extermination services, while protecting your family against any chemicals or processes used to exterminate the pests. We will also follow up with you to make sure the bed bugs haven’t returned. Click here to schedule your free inspection.

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