Humane Wildlife Control in Southwest Florida

September 7th, 2016

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Wildlife can be beautiful — from afar. But when wildlife begins negatively impacting your life by causing damage to your property or by posing a health or safety concern, it’s time to take action. Because of its fantastic climate, Southwest Florida draws in all kinds of critters, from alligators and snakes to birds and armadillos. Keep in mind that in Florida, all wildlife is protected by anti-cruelty laws. But that doesn’t mean you are forced to deal with wildlife that has become a nuisance. The good news is that there are options for safely and humanely controlling wildlife, and in many cases, it is easy to do and requires little effort. The advantage to humane wildlife control is that you don’t let animals become a problem — you can cohabitate peacefully. Read on to learn some of the ways that you can be proactive with humane wildlife control in Southwest Florida.


Preventing wildlife from intruding on your home or property is one of the most humane ways that you can control wildlife. By taking control and not letting local wildlife become a problem, you eliminate the need to remove them. By making sure that there are no points of access for critters to enter your home, you eliminate the open-door policy that often attracts mice, rats, and other small animals. Use screening to “seal” off chimneys and vents. Additionally, making sure that you don’t leave garbage out overnight (for example, after a party), and making sure that garbage is bagged and in sealed cans, can prevent animals from thinking you’ve left them a delicious buffet. And speaking of buffets, don’t leave food out overnight for pets. Be sure to bring them and the food inside.


There are a number of humane deterrents that can stop local wildlife from becoming a nuisance on your property or in your home. Many people have had excellent luck with placing fake owls, hawks or snakes around your property — but what many people forget to do is to move them frequently. If you never move them, the local wildlife will not be deterred by them as they will realize that they are not alive. Other deterrents can include fencing and metal guards. Additionally, keeping your home and property clean and well maintained is an excellent deterrent for wildlife.


Should you find that your preventative measures and deterrents didn’t work, or you just found this post and already have a problem with local wildlife, call your friends at Alford Wildlife. We’re local to the area and are familiar with all kinds of pests and how to safely and humanely remove them. We have professional traps that can catch an animal that has become a nuisance, and we will relocate the animal to a better habitat.

Coexist Peacefully

Overall, there are three ways that you can humanely stop local wildlife from becoming a nuisance on your home or property. By being proactive and making humane choices, you can choose to peacefully coexist with the local wildlife that exists in Southwest Florida.

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