Natural Pest Management: Does Lemongrass Help Deter Pests and Nuisance Wildlife?

September 20th, 2016


One of our clients recently asked us a great question regarding natural pest management and if lemongrass helps deter pests and nuisance wildlife in Southwest Florida.

If you enjoy eating Thai food, then you must be familiar with lemongrass. It’s an ingredient used quite commonly in Thai dishes. It’s widely used and liked for its tangy flavor. But did you know that lemongrass is also great when it comes to repelling pests and rodents? Surprised? Wondering how? Then read on to find out!

This great-tasting herb contains pungent oil, which is what acts as a pest repellent. The name of this oil is citronella. As many insects and pests are attracted to sweet and juicy smells produced by flowers, the sharp and pungent odor of this herb has the opposite effect on pests. It helps in keeping pests and insects away from your lawn. Lemongrass doesn’t harm those nuisance pests; it helps in deterring them away from your property and home.
Pests that Lemongrass Repels

Citronella is the most effective in repelling mosquitoes. However, it is also found to be useful in deterring insects like:

  • Flies
  • Ticks
  • Ants
  • Gnats

How to Use Lemongrass to Deter Pests?

In order to help keep these pests from invading your territory, plant lemongrass as a companion plant right next to the plants and flowers that are mostly affected by nuisance pests. You can also plant lemongrass and border them around your entire lawn and/or home.

Another great way to use this plant to fight pests is to sprinkle small clippings of lemongrass and spray Citronella extracted from lemongrass along the baseboards. Furthermore, you can also bring pots of lemongrass plants and place them inside your home to deter insects from flying indoors.

Southwest Florida Pest Management

Studies show that lemongrass is more effective in repelling pests as compared to rodents. So if you have rodents running around inside your home or outdoors, or if your pest problem is getting out of hand, we highly recommend hiring a professional pest control management expert for the job.

Alford Wildlife and Pest Management specializes in full pest control services and can guarantee that all traces of rodents and insects will be eradicated from your Southwest Florida property. I f you are having issues with nuisance pests or rodents, please contact our certified organic pest control operator at (239) 208-0723 or contact us here.

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