What Is Organic Pest Control?

November 30th, 2016

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Pests are a source of much chagrin and worry for all property owners. There are many pest control companies out there and each has their own way of removing pests from a property. There are now organic pest control options available. At Alford Wildlife and Pest Management we do have an organic pest management option.

Why is Organic Pest Control a Good Option?

Organic methods of pest control are safer for gardens as well as for children and pets. When you see the warning signs on lawns throughout your neighborhood, that means it’s been treated for pests recently and could harm your pet. Additionally, natural/organic pest control methods are good for the environment overall.

Techniques for Organic Pest Control

If you want to do pest control through natural techniques and avoid any effects on the environment, there are some effective and simple techniques to do so. These include the use of simple everyday tips to drive away those pesky pests from your plants, house, and property. In some extreme cases, professional pest control becomes inevitable and in other cases, you can try and choose natural methods to control the activity of pests on your place.

Floating Row Covers as a Barrier

These act as a translucent barrier which is porous in nature, and also lets in around 80% of the light, which means that your plants and family get to enjoy natural sunshine without any issues. Available in heavy and lightweight options, you can use these as an organic way of controlling the pest invasion at your place.

Use lightweight covers in summers for keeping the pests away without actually cooking away your plants and shrubs. These temporary barriers can be used to protect seedlings, and when the pests are especially active in a season. This is a good barrier against flea beetles, potato beetles, squash bugs, and cabbage moths.

Sticky Traps for the Insects

Another organic pest control method is to use sticky traps for keeping a variety of pests away from the plants and shrubs. The traps are available in colors which are attractive to different pests and are coated with a sticky substance which holds and traps the insect.

This organic method can be used to trap beetles, fleas, and whiteflies away from your garden.

Insecticidal Soap for the Pests

These are easily available commercially formulated pest control products that act to dissolve the skin or cuticle of the insects. They don’t have any negative impact on the plants like the herbicidal soaps and are effective against whiteflies, aphids and mites.

Contact a Professional Pest Control Company for Family and Pet Safety

The above tips are simply ideas for keeping pests away from your home in the simplest ways possible, however, if you’re having an extreme problem with pests, we recommend contacting Alford Wildlife and Pest Management.

Alford Wildlife in Fort Myers specializes in pest control and pest removal in homes and businesses. We aim to provide a safe, clean way to pest removal while giving our customers the best service available. To learn more about our pest control services or to get started, click here.

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