Our Bird Removal Process in a Few Easy Steps

November 11th, 2022

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The bird removal process isn’t as complicated as it looks! For a Fort Myers business or homeowner, all it takes is a phone call to Alford Wildlife and Pest Management. In no time, your nuisance bird situation will be handled. Here are the steps we take to ensure your home is bird-free and stays that way for years to come:

Free Inspection

Alford Wildlife and Pest Management is only a quick phone call away! Once you make the call to Alford Wildlife and Pest Management in Fort Myers, we’ll send over a bird removal specialist to assess the situation. The bird removal specialist will be able to point out areas where birds may have gained access to your home or business, walk you through the steps in the bird removal process, and offer you a quote for services.

Bird Removal

Once you’ve agreed to the quote from Alford Wildlife and Pest Management, our team of bird removal specialists will get to work removing birds from your property. All services offered by Alford Wildlife and Pest Management are done humanely and ensure birds are removed safely and efficiently.

Clean Up

Just because the birds are removed, doesn’t mean the bird removal process is over! Birds can carry a variety of diseases through their feces and may have also tracked in other pests, like ticks and fleas into your home. The bird removal specialists at Alford Wildlife and Pest Management not only remove live birds but clean up any deceased birds on your property, as well as their droppings and other unwanted surprises. This ensures your property is safe from the hazards that come along with having birds in your home or business.


Once the birds are removed from your property, it’s important to take action to make sure your property remains bird free. Our bird removal specialists will offer you a plan to protect your home or business using tools like bird netting, flex track, optical gel, and bird spikes. Our specialists will also identify any entry points that birds used to enter your property and fill or cover them.

To schedule your free inspection or learn more about how Alford Wildlife and Pest Management can help you with bird removal in your Ft Myers home or business, give us a call at 727-291-9801 or fill out our inspection form online.



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