Dealing with pests can be difficult for home and business owners. Some of these often even cause and spread dangerous diseases which make their eradication a top priority. While you might be encouraged to solve a pest issue yourself, we highly recommend contacting a pest control specialist.

At Alford Wildlife & Pest Management, we are committed to ensuring our customers’ satisfaction. We have experience in residential and commercial pest control solutions and a highly trained team of experts.

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Pest Control Services

Pest control companies in Cape Coral offer a variety of different services to best cater to your unique needs. Here are a couple of the most commons services home and business owners across Cape Coral require:

Ants Control Services

Seeing an ant pile on your property can often mean you have an ant infestation. While these don’t carry diseases, they do invade your kitchen or bathroom looking for food and water.

A complete ant removal service will often entail inspection, extermination, and most likely follow-up maintenance.

Cockroach Control Services

Due to the favorable weather in Florida, we are often exposed to cockroaches’ infestations. You can easily spot these, or you can look for other signs such as their droppings or eggs.

Pest control companies often use industrial-grade spray or gel insecticides to exterminate these. They will also discuss preventive methods to reduce the possibility of another infestation.

Bed Bugs Control Services

Almost impossible to spot, bed bugs aren’t only difficult to eliminate but they leave red wells on your skin from their bites.

Since these take extensive measures to eradicate, it often takes more time and effort than other pests. There are often follow-up maintenance needed to ensure surviving pests don’t generate and create another infestation.


Why Do You Need Alford Wildlife?

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Dealing with pests in your house can be a vexing and downright frustrating task. From bees to ants to rats, Alford Wildlife and Pest Management offers complete services to best eradicate and prevent pests from infesting your home.

Complete Treatments

At Alford Wildlife we follow proper steps to identify and eradicate pests from your home. We do so while protecting our clients and their significant others from the chemicals and processes we use.

Here is how we deal with pests:

  • Inspection: Our team of highly trained exterminators conducts an in-depth analysis of your property to find areas infested with pests.
  • Extermination:  We use industry-grade chemicals and top-notch equipment to eliminate pests.
  • Protection: As we mentioned before, we take preventive measures to ensure no one is harmed while we treat the pests.
  • Maintenance: We follow up with our clients to ensure the pests don’t return and reproduce again.

Trustworthy Services

Our highly trained pest control eradicators boast all the necessary certifications to ensure customers can rest assured their homes will be pest-free.

Our knowledge in this field of work alongside our commitment to our values and mission allows us to provide our clients with a satisfactory experience. Our experts utilize revolutionary tech and craft incredible extermination plans to remove all kinds of pests from your property.

Ready to eliminate the pests in your home? Contact Alford Wildlife and Pest Management to schedule your free inspection today!

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