Prevent Nuisance Birds Before They Become a Problem

June 16th, 2022


Take the steps to prevent a bird problem in your home or business so you never have to deal with the stress of bird removal! Here are a few great products you can use to prevent nuisance birds from making your property their home.

A Painless, All-Natural Approach: Optical Gel

The smell of citronella and peppermint may be a pleasant one to humans— but birds hate it! Optical gel is a bird repellent with only 4 ingredients: citronella, peppermint oil, agar, and beeswax. These disks can be glued, stuck, or zip-tied to just about any space you are worried about birds occupying. Plus, these all-green ingredient dishes are effective for 2-4 years!

A Low-Profile Solution: Flex Track

If you are looking for a bird prevention solution that’s nearly invisible to the naked eye, consider buying flex track. Flex track is made from UV-stabilized PVC and stainless steel and can be used on any surface where total exclusion and low visibility is the goal. The track’s electrical connectors electrify the material to provide intermittent shocks. While the shock is memorable and teaches the birds to stay away, it doesn’t hurt them. This option is a bit more cumbersome to install, so call Alford Wildlife and Pest Management, your St. Petersburg bird removal specialist, for help!

A Cost-Effective Option: Bird Spikes

While stainless steel spikes are quite a bit more noticeable than flex track or optical gel, they are a cost-effective way to prevent birds from landing and roosting on and around your business or home. This strategy is most effective for larger birds, like pigeons.

Strength and Durability: Bird Netting

For a long-lasting and durable bird prevention product, look to bird netting! Anti-bird netting can be nearly invisible and comes in many different sizes, depending on which birds you are looking to keep out. A bird removal specialist can help you get the best quality, best fit, and least noticeable bird netting for your home or business.

Bird Removal in Tampa Bay

Take the hassle out of bird removal by contacting the professionals. Alford Wildlife and Pest Management offers wildlife removal, including birds, to all of Tampa Bay.

When you sign up for a free consultation, one of our bird removal specialists will come to your home or business and discuss the best options for your specific needs. Schedule your free consultation today!

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