Preventing Rats in Your Commercial Plaza

October 14th, 2022


A commercial business plaza can easily become home to unwanted pests and animals without the proper preventative measures in place. Here is what you can do to keep rats out of your commercial plaza, saving yourself money that may otherwise be spent on rat removal expenses.

Seal Up Any Holes and Cracks

Roof rats, which are common in the Fort Myers area, are only about 5-8 inches and can fit through very small openings. To prevent these rats, and other rats like Norway rats and Wood rats, from entering your commercial plaza, you’ll want to make sure any holes or cracks around the building are sealed. Alford Wildlife and Pest Management offers free inspection services to provide you with a comprehensive inspection that includes checking for holes and cracks in your building. After your inspection, the professionals at Alford Wildlife and Pest Management can create a custom quote to provide you with the next steps in the rat prevention process and a dollar amount for professionally sealing any holes that were found.

Set Traps and Bait

Setting traps and bait isn’t just for when you already have a rat problem. Traps and bait can also be a great preventative measure to stop a rat problem early, before it becomes an infestation. While setting traps is fairly easy to do on your own, you should always call a professional if you end up catching a rat in a trap. Rats carry disease and if you have one rat, you probably also want a rat removal specialist to make sure there aren’t more. Rather than toss out a rat caught in a trap, call Alford Wildlife and Pest Management for a free inspection. Even if there aren’t any other rats on sight

Stay Alert To Signs of an Infestation

Keep your commercial plaza rat-free by working with Alford Wildlife & Pest Management, your rat removal experts in Fort Myers. If you notice signs of an infestation such as rat droppings, footprints on floorboards, or gnaw marks— get in touch with us immediately. We will work with you to solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can call Alford Wildlife & Pest Management at (239) 880-2180 or schedule your free inspection online.



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