Homeowners typically identify nuisance wildlife by hearing them scurrying around their attics or walls. Usually, the damage inside your attic or home is unseen or apparent, unlike thoroughly chewed electrical wires. These may be rodents or raccoons running through your home and leave droppings.

Unfortunately, this can lead to mold problems, odor, or dangerous diseases. Not to mention, raccoons love sifting through your garbage bins, stealing food, and destroying your lawn. This is why you need an excellent company for raccoon removal in Fort Myers so that they can take care of these nuisance animals quickly and effectively.

If you are looking for professional raccoon removal services in Fort Myers contact Alford Wildlife and Pest Management. We have a team of wildlife control experts in Lee County and Collier County that specialize in raccoon removal, squirrel removal, bird removal, and much more.



Signs of a Raccoon Infestation

raccoon laying on a tree branch

Raccoons typically live in your attic, where they cause a variety of different problems inside as well as outside. More extensive than other traditional critters like squirrels or rats, raccoons often leave behind many easy-to-notice signs of their presence. Following are a couple of common signs that a raccoon is infesting your property:

  • Knocked off garbage cans or other trash receptacles
  • There is a persistent and foul smell
  • Nesting materials such as moss, twigs, and leaves are present
  • Your cables, wiring, drywall, support beams, and much more notice damages
  • You find food waste and loose trash in various unusual and unique places

Baby Raccoon

Raccoons Living in Your Attic

Raccoons like dark, secluded areas where they can create nests. Typically the attic of your home or business will be their best bet. Moreover, female raccoons are highly inclined to den inside your attic far away from predators to safely give birth.

These are nocturnal creatures, which means that it’s likely you’ll be subjected to scratching, purring, and whining noises throughout the night. Plus, if you hear large thumping sounds, it becomes clear that a raccoon is living in your attic rather than other rodents.

Since raccoons often enter attics to find a safe space for their babies, you must determine whether there are little baby raccoons alongside an adult or not. Mothers tend to be very aggressive when people and other animals approach their offspring so it’s best to call for raccoon removal services.

There’s also a chance you may end up with a decomposing raccoon carcass inside your house that can cause a horrible odor.


Why Hire a Professional?


Raccoon removal service is an arduous task that requires a specific skill-set. Starting from effectively trapping the wild animal to cleaning up any waste left behind, raccoon removal services is comprised of various tasks not often done correctly by property owners.

Professional teams are licensed, insured, skilled, and ready to solve all your pests and wildlife removal problems. From inspecting your home to creating the perfect removal plan, you can count on them to successfully eradicate frustrating animals from your house.


raccoon in the brush

Why Choose Alford Wildlife and Pest Management Services?

Dealing with raccoons rummaging through your trash, creating holes in your roof, and contaminating your attic can be difficult. That’s where our experts come in hand to help you with your wildlife problem.

With several years of experience, our team of skilled workers is well-versed in this field of work. Our safe and well-thought-out practices ensure the effective elimination of raccoons. What’s more? Our certified and reliable team takes the steps necessary to best ensure the raccoons don’t return.

After removing raccoons from your home, apartment, or office, we focus on cleaning the area to ensure leftover feces don’t spread dangerous diseases to you or your family members or employees. It’s also perfect for making sure other raccoons aren’t attracted by the smell and start gravitating towards your property.

Alford Wildlife and Pest Management experts strive to provide professional pest and wildlife removal services. Think you’ve got a raccoon problem? We’re just a call away! We service Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, and many of the surrounding areas. Venture onto our website or give us a call today to see how we can help you.

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