Did you recently notice a persistent and foul smell in your house? Maybe there’s been a consistent scurrying noise alongside knocked-over garbage cans. All of these point in one direction; there’s a raccoon infestation in your home, and you need professional raccoon removal services!

Here at Alford Wildlife and Pest Management, we understand that you must maintain a safe and hygienic environment free of raccoons’ infectious diseases. We offer professional services including raccoon removal in Tampa, Florida, and all the surrounding areas. Our skilled experts specialize in attic treatments that eradicate parasites and bacteria from raccoon feces and urine.



Why You Need Raccoon Removal Services

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Raccoons are nocturnal, intelligent animals, meaning they can be challenging to catch and remove from your property. Moreover, they pose a threat not only to your home or business but also to your health. Here are several reasons you’ll need to reach out to a raccoon removal service.

They Love Gnawing on Your Wires

These brilliant animals often enter your attic to create nests for their future offsprings. As a result, they can pose serious damage to your roof to have an easier entry and exit point.

Like mice and rats, raccoons like to chew up wires, damage and rip open ductwork, and so on. These can lead to hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

They Can Cause Diseases

Raccoons defecate in areas known as a latrine. These pose a health hazard to you, and those around you as raccoon feces often contain Baylisascaris Procyonis, otherwise known as raccoon roundworm. These can cause various severe neurological diseases in humans.

Apart from that, raccoons are notoriously known as the number one carrier of rabies in Florida. Putting your pets at risk too.


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Why Choose Alford Wildlife Services in Tampa

Here at Alford Wildlife and Pest Management, our skilled technicians put their knowledge and experience into ensuring effective raccoon removal.

Locally Owned Raccoon and Pests Removal Services in Tampa

Our locally owned wildlife and pest control service company focuses on providing you with trustworthy and reliable raccoon removal services across Tampa.

Removing raccoons is a challenging and problematic task considering how fast and intelligent these animals are. Our qualified experts have several years of working in the field, as well as the knowledge needed to obtain several certifications.

No matter how and when you notice a pest infestation, all you have to do is contact our team of professionals. Next, sit back and relax as we solve your raccoon infestation problems.

State-of-the-art Tech and Safe Methods

Alford Wildlife and Pest Management carefully inspects your whole property to find the areas infested by the raccoons, as well as the number of raccoons present.

With their years of experience and the right equipment, our diligent workers will determine the safest and most effective removal service. Our humane and safe practices help successfully remove raccoons and ensure your home is raccoon-free.

Certified and Reliable Services

Every team member withholds certifications that ensure diligence and proficiency in the field of raccoon removal. No matter if they’re overturning garbage cans or if they left their feces somewhere, Alford Wildlife and Pest Management can take this load off of your back by providing reliable services.

With adequate training in various fields, our experts can take care of wildlife removal inquiries and pest control issues. They not only eradicate raccoons, but they’ll take care of decontamination as well.

Got a raccoon problem in Tampa? Contact us today to learn how we can help!



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