Did you hear a suspicious, scurrying noise in the middle of the night? Maybe you noticed droppings along your baseboards. These two signs typically mean one thing; you have a rat infestation problem, and it’s time to look for a Tampa rat exterminator.


Alford Wildlife and Pest Management offers proficient rat extermination services to the Greater Tampa Bay area, St. Petersburg, and other surrounding cities. Our treatment methods are not only affordable but also highly effective.

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Signs of Rat Infestation

Being aware of the common rat infestation signs helps you prevent more property damage and health risks. Here are cover the most common symptoms:

  • You hear scurrying or scratching noise coming from your walls or attic
  • You find greasy track marks around your property.
  • You find piles of fabric, shredded paper, or packing material in one place. Most likely rats are using these to create their nest. You are most likely to find the nests in dark, small places.
  • You find bite marks or signs of gnawing on objects in your home such as pipes, electrical wires, and other wooden items.
  • You find rodent droppings. This is the most common sign of a rat infestation. You’ll find these alongside baseboard or inside cardboard containers present in kitchens or restrooms. Remember not to come in direct contact with rat droppings to ensure safety from allergies and diseases.

What Rat Exterminators Do

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Dealing with a rat infestation can be an irritating task. These nocturnal creatures are fast and very intelligent. We recommend contacting an expert when dealing with them to best eradicate them from your property and properly decontaminate the area.

Here’s how our professional rat removal services work.

Inspection & Trapping

First, professionals will conduct an in-depth inspection of your house. During this, they’ll identify the areas where rats are residing and determine their travel routes and entry points.

Based on these findings, they will insert traps to remove the rats from your home.

Home Repairs and Prevention

Once your current rat infestation is taken care of, rat exterminators will block all entry points in your house. Doing this, ensure that rats don’t return and invade your property again.

Other preventing methods taken are the installation of fences and netting to prevent them from coming inside. Regarding repairs, companies like Alford Wildlife offer to repair any damage done to the insulation during the rat infestation.


Rat droppings are notorious for spreading various dangerous diseases. From the Hantavirus to carrying the bubonic plague, these could put you and your family at severe health risks if taken lightly.

A rat removal expert ensures proper cleanup of your attic space and overall building during the last stage of the process. They use industry-grade disinfectants to best provide you with a clean home or business.

Safe and Poison-free

Last but not least, skilled exterminators utilize the safest and most effective methods of exterminating rat infestations. For this reason, we avoid using poison- it’s neither practical nor safe.

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