Dealing with rodent infestation in your home can be a frustrating task. From populating your garbage bins to leaving droppings and destroying your insulation, rodents are a nuisance to home and business owners.


Before you decided to take matters into your own hands, we recommend searching for Tampa rodent removal services. These will provide you with a more effective, affordable solution than taking a DIY approach. Moreover, licensed and insured rodent exterminators have the expertise and industry knowledge to best eradicate these from your property.

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What Are Rodent Removal Services?

Do you have squirrels nesting in your attic or mice scurrying around your house? Then there’s only one solution, calling a rodent control company to eradicate them effectively and efficiently.

Here’s how our professionals ensure that:   


Inspecting Your Property

Rodents love living in dark, small corners where it’s hard for you to reach, and they are safe from predators. Generally, you will find rodents like squirrels, mice, and rats living in your attic and inside the walls. 


The first step to dealing with rodent problems is identifying where their nest or home is. Experts run throughout inspections to find these and to spot the rodent’s entry points. Once they can retrace the travel route, they can then create a plan to eradicate them and exclude them.


Trapping the Critters

The most complicated part of the eradication process is trapping the rodents. After their travel route is found through the inspection, experts then use various trapping techniques to catch them successfully.    


Damage Repairs and Prevention

Rats and mice often damage the insulation and create holes in your walls for better accessibility. Rodent removal services include the blockage of rodents’ entry points and often offer repairs to your insulation as well.


For more prevention, companies often install nets and fences to ensure the proper exclusion of rodents from your property.



Lastly, specialists conduct a thorough cleaning of your home. During this stage, they safely remove rodent feces and liquid waste present in your home. Rats are well known for carrying several diseases that can be dangerous to humans. These include including Leptospirosis, Rat-Bite Fever, Hantavirus, and Salmonellosis.


Why Choose Alford Wildlife and Pest Management

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Finding an exterminator to help remove rodent infestation isn’t difficult. Finding one who ensures the best results and high-quality treatment, is a real challenge.



Alford Wildlife and Pest Management is a one-stop-shop for all pests and wildlife management services. Our rodent control experts have plenty of industry knowledge and experience necessary to ensure proper eradication.


We also take preventive measures and offer maintenance plans to keep rodents away. This will save you time and money in the future.


Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

We are committed to ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. We do so by providing affordable and effective rodent removal services to Tampa, Florida, and all the surrounding areas. We also utilize revolutionary tech and effective eradication methods that meet your unique rodent infestation needs.


We also offer repair and throughout cleaning services to ensure proper decontamination and exclusion. We can repair any insulation damaged during the rat infestation to best return your home or business to its previous state.


Have a rodent problem? Contact us today to get a free inspection and to get familiar with the services we offer!

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