Simple Guide to Winter Pests & How to Remove Them

December 9th, 2022

winter rat

This winter, make sure you aren’t accidentally inviting unwanted guests to stay in your Fort Myers home or business! Here are a few of the most common winter pests in Southwest Florida and what you can do to remove them:

Some of the Most Common Winter Pests In the Fort Myers Area


While quite a few mammals hibernate during the winter months or at least slow down their activity, that certainly isn’t true for rodents! Mice and rats often have a harder time finding food and water during the winter months and your Fort Myers home solves their problems! They may wander into your home in search of a warm place to sleep but quickly decide to stay when they find morsels, crumbs, and garbage to keep their stomachs full.

Bed Bugs

As tourists and travelers make their way to Southwest Florida in the winter, they sometimes bring more than just their luggage with them. Inadvertently, travelers can also bring bed bugs with them and this sometimes leads to a rise in bed bug cases in the Fort Myers area!


If you take a peek under the sink or around damp areas of your home this winter, you might find silverfish hanging around! While they do provide a great service in bringing your attention to any leaks or dampness in your home (because they love hanging out in damp areas), they can also cause quite a bit of damage. Silverfish love chewing on paper and damp clothing.


How To Remove Winter Pests From Your Ft. Myers Home or Business

If you start noticing winter pests congregating in your home, it’s important to call a pest control company sooner rather than later. The issue can quickly spiral out of control, causing damage and disease to spread. Alford Wildlife and Pest Management offers free pest control inspections in the Fort Myers area. To schedule your free inspection or to learn more about the methods Alford Wildlife and Pest Management uses to remove winter pests, give us a call at 239-880-2140.


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