Do You Have a Skunk Infestation on Your Fort Myers or Naples Property?

December 31st, 2014

Skunk in insulation

Skunks have a very identifiable appearance – a black body with white markings. Not only is their appearance distinct, but also their potent deterrent spray is sure hard to miss. Skunks are harmless creatures; it’s best to keep your distance to prevent getting a dose of skunk spray on you. Skunk odor removal is rather difficult; it can linger on a predator for days – which makes their defensive technique very effective.

We recently read an article in National Geographic on skunks, which we thought would be pretty valuable to share. It indicates that a skunks spray can travel as far as ten feet!

Are Skunks Becoming a Nuisance?

Skunks are seen all over Southwest Florida: in our backyards, in hollow logs, under decks, and even under our homes. If you notice skunks starting to take up residence on you property or under your home, it’s best to seek a professional wildlife expert.

Being that the Southwest Florida winter is upon us, a skunk will seek shelter in warmer quarters – often under decks and under homes. Skunks are scavengers and sources of human waste will make your home that much more appealing. One of the most common problems we see is a skunk taking up residence under a building.

Skunk Removal in Fort Myers and Naples

If you’re wondering how to keep skunks away from your home or backyard, our SWFL wildlife removal experts at Alford Wildlife can help. Our Lee and Collier County wildlife removal expertswill ensure a professional and more importantly, safe, removal process for any wildlife we deal with. We will guarantee the removal as well as securely sealing up any potential entrances to prevent further infestation.

Our wildlife experts are available 24/7 for the following services: removal & relocation, exclusion, decontamination, population management, and dead animal removal. Please contact us today or call (239) 214-7928 for more information.

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