What is Solar Sonic Rodent Repellent?

January 11th, 2016

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Preventing pests has been a quest of homeowners for centuries, and as technology improves, we look for ways to prevent pests without having to exterminate them. One of our clients recently asked about solar sonic rodent repellent spikes, which are relatively new on the market, and we figured it would be a good opportunity to educate the rest of our clients about this new concept.

How it Works

Typically, a Solar Sonic Rodent Repellent works by using the sun’s energy to emit sonic sound waves that are at a frequency that humans cannot hear, irritating the rodent and driving it away. The concept behind the Solar Sonic Repellant is that many rodents, such as moles and gophers, are slightly more sensitive to sound than sight (most are blind or have extraordinarily poor sight), so they are deterred by the sonic wave, which emits a high frequency sound and pulse vibration through the ground.

Proposed Benefits

The Solar Sonic Rodent Repellent is often an attractive first choice for homeowners who have encountered a rodent problem in the neighborhood and want to prevent infestation at their home. The first benefit of this product is that it’s poison free. You don’t have to worry about accidentally poisoning an unintended target, and you don’t have to be concerned about the ill effects of poison seeping into the ground around your home.

They are also relatively cheap to purchase, at around $20 per spike, which seems like a dream for homeowners as professional pest control services are more costly. However, pest control services are personalized and include a full evaluation, showing you what your risks are and by providing a complete plan to eliminate pests and prevent them from returning. We strive to provide our customers with superior customer service, answering all your questions and being available to you in the future should you have recurring issues.


Although the solar sonic rodent repellent is poison free, it can still harm your pets. If you or your neighbor have pets, this product may not be the best option because your pet would be subjected to living with the constant noise, it would not only be bothersome to your pet, but it could result in long-term hearing loss. Although some solar sonic rodent repellent products are marketed to be safe for pets, the same technology is used in other products to deter cats, dogs, and skunks. It’s also debated whether or not it would just be annoying to pets or whether or not it could actually harm them.

Because this product runs off of the sun’s energy, it is dependent on it, which can be a great feature if it’s working properly. However, if you have a cloudy day, your solar sonic rodent repellent may not be working. Additionally, the solar panels may break down and not work after a period of time. With the low cost of the spikes, you should expect that you’ll have to replace the spikes after some time.

Another issue with solar sonic rodent repellent options is that they just might not work, which will leave you out of luck and still with a rodent problem. Although moles and gophers are virtually blind and are often thought of as more sensitive to sound, their auditory capabilities aren’t that great either, and they may be completely unaffected by the product.

Need help getting rid of rodents?

Overall, if you’re concerned you have a rodent problem — whether it is moles, gophers, or roof rats, it may be time to call in an experienced professional. Alford Wildlife and Pest Management is a locally owned Southwest Florida pest control company who is here to help you take back control of your property.

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