SWFL Snake Removal – What is the Best Snake Repellent?

February 8th, 2016

Green snake on a plant

Did you just spot a snake in your garden? Wondering how to get rid of it before it slithers quietly into your home and becomes a threat to everyone? Well, then you’ve come to the right place as we share with you some of the best snake repellents.

Although snakes will not damage your garden, poisonous species can pose serious threats to you, your family and even pets. Therefore, snake removal is extremely important. To repel snakes from your garden and home, here are some natural methods that you can try before you contact a wildlife removal expert:

Natural Oils

Natural oils such as clove oil and cinnamon oil are sometimes effective when it comes to keeping the lawn serpent free. You can apply these oils as a spray by simply diluting about four to eight drops/gallon of water or place cotton balls that are saturated in these oils around the areas that are prone to snakes.

Snake Repellent Plants

According to a report published by the Greenwood Nursery, Marigold, also known as calendula officinalis, is an effective snake repellent. Besides this, here are some other plants that can be planted in the garden to repel serpents naturally:


Featuring a woody root, Artemisia is a tall herbaceous plant that is found to be effective in keeping snakes away. This plant grows widely and very quickly. However, the only problem with planting Artemisia in the garden is that it is invasive and takes over the entire area where it is grown, leading to management control issues.

Cymbopogon Citratus

Commonly known as West Indian lemongrass, the citrus smell of this plant helps keep serpents away. Let’s just say, snakes simply don’t like the zesty smell of lemongrass. This makes it one of the effective natural snake repellents that you can use to ensure that snakes don’t slither towards and into your home.

Southwest Florida Snake Removal Services

Though there are several ways to keep snakes away, they may vary in effectiveness. Some are more effective than others. However, the best and safest snake repellent method is to hire a SWFL snake removal expert. A snake removal expert is well trained, equipped and knows exactly how to remove hazardous wildlife like poisonous snakes from both commercial and residential properties.

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