Tips for Dealing with Palm Rats and When to Contact a Professional Rat Removal Company

November 8th, 2016

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Palm rats or roof rats are a major pest problem for a home. They pose a serious threat to the structure of a building and are also a health hazard to humans. Not only do these pests carry dangerous diseases, but they also gnaw and destroy your property.

If you find signs of palm rats on your property, then you need to take urgent action to control them as soon as possible or risk them running around and invading your space.

We recommend calling Alford Wildlife and Pest Management before the situation gets out of hand. However, we have prepared a few small tips for DIY.

Seal All Home Entrance and Exits

Palm rats can scurry up your house walls and squeeze in through small crevices/cracks to gain entry to your home. Once inside your home, you can just imagine the havoc which they create by scampering and gnawing inside attics and walls.

The best way to deal with palm rats is to seal your property. Seal any holes or cracks in the roof and attic. This denies them entry into your place.

Cover or Remove All Food Sources

They search for food, so keep all food covered and all spaces clean of any crumbs which could attract rats. If you have fruit trees in your garden, it is a good idea to pick the fruit once it is ripe and not leave it on the tree, since rats will enjoy it and return in numbers to feed on more.

Don’t leave any pet food lying around and make sure that you don’t present the ideal target for rats searching for a good source of food and water for survival. Make sure that all garbage bins around your house and in the neighborhood are kept closed and covered.

Prune All Trees

Rats make nests in trees, this is why you need to prune out all the trees and shrubs at your place regularly, to prevent rats from setting up shop in the trees. Once a rat nest makes its nest it is very difficult to remove them from the property.

Need to Contact a Professional Rat Control Company

Sooner or later, you will need to contact a professional rat control company to take care of the infestation problem for you. You need to call in the professionals like Alford Wildlife and Pest Management for taking care of a palm rat infestation if:

  • You find rat nests on your property
  • Find signs of rat droppings in your house
  • See signs of wires and furniture gnawed over by rat teeth
  • Find rats in numbers around your property
  • Hear rat noises in your house

Alford Wildlife in Fort Myers, Florida offers rat removal services and can assist with any palm rats taking over your home or business. To learn more about our rat removal services, contact us today.

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