Tips for Selecting a Bird Control Company

August 25th, 2021

Birds Control

Birds are beautiful to see out on a walk blending in with nature, but when they enter your home, they can become a nightmare. Hire a bird control company that you can trust to remove them from your property quickly, efficiently, and legally.

Here are some tips to help you find the best bird removal companies near you.

Hire A Company with The Right Tools for The Job

Some of the most used tools in bird removal include bird barriers, Bird-X products, traps, bird netting, bird spiking, shock track, visual and audio deterrents, chemical deterrents, and more. The bird control industry is full of exclusion, deterrent, and removal methods for birds.

While you don’t need to understand how each method works, you should feel confident your bird removal specialist does! Ask them about the tools they have at their disposal, how they plan on using them and why. The company you choose should be able to explain each tool to you and its advantages.

Work With Professionals that Know the Law

Removing birds isn’t quite as simple as swooping in and sending the birds packing. Some birds, like woodpeckers and seagulls, are protected by law and it’s illegal to physically remove them. Bird control companies must consult with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation to get permission to remove protected species.

An experienced bird control professional will know whether a bird you are dealing with is protected and how to move forward quickly and legally. Make sure the company you hire knows what type of bird they are working with and the laws surrounding their removal.

Make Sure Your Safety is Their Priority

Did you know birds and their droppings can carry over 60 diseases? When you look for bird removal near you, make sure you ask about how they plan to decontaminate the area affected by the birds. A good bird control company will let you know what they’re doing each step of the way, so you feel safe and comfortable with each part of the process.

They will also take precautions for your safety if the removal methods can affect you or your family in any way.

Feel Confident the Company You Chose Will Follow-Up

Bird removal isn’t a one-step process. It’s key that hired professionals complete follow-up checks at least every 2 days and picks up trapped animals within 18 hours.

A quick follow-up will avoid further nuisance and will contribute to a more humane way to deal with trapped birds.

Bird Removal Services You Can Trust

At Alford Wildlife and Pest Management, we use bird netting, optical gel, bird spikes, and other tools for bird removal and exclusion. Among the birds we remove are pigeons, starlings, and house sparrows. We also work with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission when we are trying to remove birds protected by law such as woodpeckers and crows.

Learn more about our bird removal services today! We serve most of Southwest Florida and part of Central Florida. Contact our Fort Myers office or our St. Pete office and schedule your free inspection!

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