What Goes Into Bat Removal & Control?

March 11th, 2014

Bats are an important part of our Southwest Florida environment. They help to control pests and are beneficial in terms of pollenating our area. As important as bats are, it’s important that they not make their homes in our homes or businesses (for the safety of the bat and the people residing within these buildings).

The proper and safe removal of bats is extremely important. To remove bats and control their return, it’s important to work with a knowledgeable, certified wildlife management agency. At Alford Wildlife & Pest Management, our staff of licensed wildlife experts can help safely remove any bats taking up residence in your home or business.

Bats in the Attic

If a bat has made its way into your attic or elsewhere in your home, the likely entered through an open entry point. Small openings and narrow gaps are what allow this to happen. Given the nature of bats and their behavior, it’s important to remove them in the safest, most humane way possible. In addition, there may be laws involved with bat removal, so it’s best to check with a licensed wildlife management agency.

Per the Humane Society of the United States’ website, the best way to remove bats is by letting them leave on their own, but to remove their entry point. One way in which we ensure that bats are removed is by using a bat valve. A bat valve is simply allows bats to leave the attic, but then closes to prevent re-entry.

This is a tactic we user here at Alford Wildlife and you can see exactly how it’s installed in the video below!

Bat Removal in Fort Myers, Naples, & Southwest Florida

We have a good deal of experience in animal removal in Southwest Florida, including bat removal. We understand the laws protecting these animals as well as their behavior. Our licensed wildlife experts will ensure that any bats are removed humanely and legally, while also ensuring that they do not return.

At Alford Wildlife & Pest Management, we aim to provide local, quality, and professional wildlife management services to all of Southwest Florida. We are certified in a number of areas, including the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, and more.

Do you need a bat removed from your home? Contact us today to speak with a licensed wildlife consultant and to schedule your free wildlife inspection!

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