What’s that Smell? And Other Signs of Critters in Your Attic

July 28th, 2022

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Trying to identify a foul smell coming from your attic? Here are a few common smells that you may notice from different critters in your home or business and what steps to take to mitigate the issue.

Smell of Ammonia

Is there a distinct ammonia smell coming from your attic? This is a common sign of a bat infestation. You are smelling the ammonia in their urine. Usually, this smell won’t be distinct with just one or two bats, but it can be unbearable with a large colony. If you’re concerned about a bat infestation in your Southwest Florida home or business, Alford Wildlife can provide you with a free inspection to assess the situation and provide solutions.

Smell of Feces or Urine

That persistent and foul smell emitting from your attic could be a sign of racoons. Raccoons are one of the largest critters that will sneak their way into your attic and the droppings they leave behind come with quite an unpleasant stench. Many raccoons carry harmful diseases so it’s important to call a wildlife removal specialist rather than try and take care of the problem yourself.

Alford Wildlife and Pest Management is well trained on the humane removal of raccoons from homes and businesses in Southwest Florida. Alford’s wildlife removal services include decontamination services to clean up your home from biohazardous waste.

Musky Smell

A musky smell can be a sign of mold or mildew. However, it can also be a sign of cockroaches. Some people even describe their smell as oily or even sweet. Cockroaches use this odor to communicate with each other. They also emit this smell when they die (or are killed). This means killing a few cockroaches rather than hiring a specialist to exterminate the entire colony could just bring you more problems!

Smell of Decay

The smell of decay is a sure-fire sign of dead critters on your property. Whether it’s rats, raccoons, opossums, or something else entirely– the smell of decay on your property should be dealt with immediately. Alford Wildlife and Pest Management always offers dead wildlife removal services as well as exclusion and decontamination services to customers.

Other Signs of Wildlife in Your Attic

Is it more than your sense of smell convincing you that you may need to call a wildlife removal specialist? Other common signs of infestations or wildlife in your attic may include finding droppings around your property, hearing noises coming from the attic, or observing gnawing marks around your home or business.

If you are noticing any signs of critters in your attic, give Alford Wildlife and Pest Management a call at (239) 245-7482 for a free inspection.


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