When to Hire a Professional Wildlife Removal Company for your Tampa Bay Business

January 29th, 2022

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Is it time to hire a professional to handle your nuisance wildlife around your business? Here’s 3 telltale signs that you need to give a wildlife removal service in Tampa a call!

You’re Hearing or Seeing Signs of an Infestation

If you’re seeing droppings and gnaw marks or hearing noises in attic spaces or in walls, it’s time to call in the professionals! A wildlife removal service in Tampa can help you to decontaminate any mess wildlife has left on your business’ property and remove points of entry to prevent the nuisance wildlife from coming back.

At Alford Wildlife and Pest Management, we also offer additional services like replacing insulation that may have been destroyed during the infestation and using state-of-the-art equipment to trap, remove, and deter the nuisance wildlife.

DIY Remedies Aren’t Solving Your Wildlife Woes

Wildlife removal isn’t always as easy as it looks! You may think that resolving a rat infestation is as easy as setting a few traps or that an ant colony setting up shop in your business can be managed with a bottle of home pest control spray, but unfortunately, it usually isn’t quite that easy! DIY remedies likely won’t cut it so save yourself the time and energy and call a wildlife removal specialist in Tampa.

You’re Unsure About the Laws Regarding Removing Wildlife

Not all wildlife can just be removed because it’s become a nuisance to you and your business. It’s important to know the laws and what can and cannot be done to remove nuisance wildlife from your property.

For example, in the Tampa and St. Petersburg area, wildlife removal specialists must consult with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and local/state/federal laws to remove woodpeckers, crows, and seagulls. It’s illegal for business owners to remove these birds on their own. Instead of risking a run-in with the law, work with experts who know how to handle your specific wildlife issue.

Schedule Your Free Wildlife Removal Consultation

At Alford Wildlife and Pest Management, we strive to provide affordable, professional wildlife removal services to all commercial spaces in the Tampa and St. Petersburg area.

Our team can work with you to identify the issue and help put practices in place to avoid the return of future nuisance wildlife or pests. Schedule your free inspection today!

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