Why You Need Regular Pest Control Maintenance

February 12th, 2022

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Pest control might sound like a one-off job but, unfortunately, that’s not usually the case! To stay one step ahead of the pests trying to invade your home, you need regular pest maintenance. Here’s why.

Pests Can Be Seasonal

You may have rid the house of pests for the winter but then as spring rolls around, you’re finding ants! That’s because many common pests are seasonal.

While we might not have much of a winter in Southwest Florida, January is generally the driest month of the year – and that means pests and rodents might be working their way inside your home to find a water source. A local pest control company can help you with that issue but then spring comes!

With rising spring temperatures and more moisture, mosquitos begin laying their eggs, ants build their nests, and bees begin pollinating the fresh spring flowers. With more bugs buzzing around, they may find themselves bumbling around your property.

The hot and humid conditions do nothing to help insect activity in Southwest Florida. This is the time of year when local pest control companies start receiving more calls about termites as well as other types of insects. And without regular maintenance, it may take you a while to notice the damage caused by termites.

As summer ends, the cycle starts again with rodents trying to find a new home in the cooler weather. Time for another call to your local pest control company.

It’s Not Worth Waiting

You may not notice any signs of pests in your home or business, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there! Pests are sneaky and they may have been hiding in your home or business for quite a while before you notice their droppings or damage they may be causing.

It is much cheaper and less stressful to deal with pests before they become what feels like an insurmountable issue. Working with a local pest control company on a regular basis can ensure your home or business is always pest-free.

If you are looking for a local pest control company in Fort Myers to provide you with regular pest control maintenance, contact us at Alford Wildlife and Pest Management for a free inspection.

We are a locally owned wildlife removal and pest control company with a team of licensed experts trained in pest control services. As a locally owned company, it’s our mission to provide honest, open, and trustworthy service. We’ll let you know what we’re doing each step of the way to help ensure your business or home stays pest free!

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