Opossum Removal in SWFL

Opossums are another common animal that can become a nuisance to homeowners and business owners in SWFL. While they creep in the night and do not cause major problems, they can make quite the mess if they enter your garage or the space beneath your home. Additionally, opossums can carry diseases that are harmful to humans and pets.

If you have a opossum problem at your home, call Alford Wildlife & Pest Management today. Our licensed wildlife removal experts can humanely remove the opossum and ensure that no other culprits return.

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  • You did it! Your attentiveness, expertise, determination and perseverance over time eventually rid us of our fruit fly infestation. Thank you!

    Arline Shapiro

  • I was extremely impressed with the service we received with Alford Wildlife and Pest Management. Michael was very knowledgeable and professional. And took care of the rat problem we were having at a home my daughter was renting. Thank you for all you did Michael and we are so happy. We would recommend your services to anyone needing it and would most assuredly call you if we ever needed help with critters.


  • Thank you for your prompt attention! Your compassion and attention to detail on an almost daily basis during the process was a great relief. And your diligent follow up! You made a difficult …

    Nancy Bolt

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