Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons are one of the most common nuisance wildlife calls we receive. Raccoons, while cute, can become a serious problem for a home or business if not handled professionally. Many raccoons carry diseases that are harmful to humans and pets, and we recommend professional raccoon removal if you think you are experiencing raccoon problems.

Our professional raccoon removal services include:

  • Exclusion – removing points of entry and preventing future return of raccoons.
  • Decontamination –cleanup to protect your home or business from biohazardous waste.
  • Insulation – offered a repair to any insulation that may have been destroyed during the infestation.

We also offer follow up services to help ensure that a raccoon never invades your home again.

Signs of a Raccoon Problem

  • Smell of feces or urine – if raccoons have made it into your attic, you’ll likely begin to smell the unpleasant stench of their droppings.
  • Scurrying noises – like rats, raccoons are known to scurry when moving about.
  • General damage – raccoons making their way in and out of your home will likely eventually cause some physical damage to entry points .

Think you have a raccoon infestation? Schedule your free inspection today.